​Making History Matter

We will be featuring a new 2021 historical calendar starting in November 2020.

*NOTE* The month of January in the 2020 calendar has been updated. The new revision to the dates is here.

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GoFundMe for Depot Roof Renovation

Welcome to the Ironwood Area Historical Society and the Historic Depot Museum.

Ironwood's historic places and people resonate in all of us. They take us out of ourselves, bring us back to special moments in time

and evoke memories of a shared past.


Thank you to all who supported the 

Ironwood Area Historical Society

2020 Calendar. They are now sold out!

The Ironwood Area Historical Society museum, home to the largest artifact collection in Gogebic County is in need of a new roof. Housed in the iconic Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Depot constructed in 1893, the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is considered the “signature building” in Ironwood.

The thirty-year-old roof requires immediate replacement, the eaves and fascia are in need of repairs and the cupola needs to be removed and restored.  The total budget for the project is $65,000, with approximately $12,000 currently available in historical society accounts.

History matters because it connects us to our past and reminds us of what made Ironwood a great place to live.  Thanks in advance for your contribution to this effort that means so much to our community. Go to GoFundMe to donate today!